Temple’s approach

Understanding your role in the investment process and the type of advice that best suits your needs.

Temple’s flexible service model gives clients access to experienced investment experts and focuses on client current needs. Our core team is deliberately small, its members have worked closely together for years and the team is augmented with trusted experts as needed in a focused manner. This approach provides clients with small-firm client focus and the benefits of large-firm expertise without the costs.

Temple is solely focused on providing the information, insight and facilitation needed to make the right go/no-go decision – not on providing subsequent consulting services.

This flexible model and strong focus provides our clients with:

Temple’s core team has experience with the world’s leading strategy consulting and investment banking firms. Unlike those firms, we specialise in private investments in the US$10m – US$100m range that is typical in New Zealand and Australia.

What is Temple’s approach?

Temple structures each engagement in accordance with the client’s needs.

We first identify whether you require:

This decision is heavily influenced by the role you will be playing in the investment process e.g. final decision maker or need to influence the decision maker(s). We then work with you to determine the scope of work and timing required for your investment decision.

How does Temple differ from other advisors?

Temple only serves professional investors, be they funds, banks or corporates and stands out by providing world-class independent rigour on capital investment opportunities for clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Top Tier consulting firms: These firms are an excellent source of advice for investments over USD100m however are rarely cost effective for smaller investments (in the range of US$10m to US$100m). Moreover we do not provide consulting services to support capital investment and therefore are not faced with potential conflicts of interest.

Investment Banks: Investment Banks can be an excellent advisor on deal structure, potential targets, general strategic advice, negotiations, valuations and capital raising. On occasions, in particular when the target or segment has been identified by an investment bank, Temple is able to provide advice that is independent because our fees are unchanged by the final investment decision.